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MyStake Casino Mini-Game – Aquarings

MyStake Aquarings

Aquarings – General Overview

Everyone’s favorite classic childhood game Aquarings is back! The only difference is that we used to play Aquarings on portable gaming devices, and now it’s available in your favorite casino – MyStake. How so? Let me tell you all about it!

Like MyStake casino’s other hugely famous mini-games, Aquarings is created and developed by Upgaming, the gambling industry’s one of the best, most innovative game developers. You may recognize Upgaming from MyStake casino’s other mega-popular mini-games like MyStake Chicken, MyStake Dino, MyStake IceField, Teleport, etc., and slots like Nomad, James Frost & Lost City, and many others.


Playing this childhood memory-based mini-game is exactly like you remember it. All you have to do is shoot rings and hope they stick on as many poles as possible. Even better, now, instead of just enjoying Aquarings on portable devices, you can place real bets on the game and hope for the big win.


How to play Aquarings?

The first thing you see when you load Aquarings on MyStake casino is this game’s fantastic graphics and captivating visuals. The gameplay happens underwater, and the theme is decided in beautiful neon colors.

Exactly like the old, vintage version of Aquarings, MyStake casino’s brand-new mini-game has 5 poles as well. Each pole has a unique multiplier, which means that if you manage and “put a ring on it” (yes, a pun very much intended), you will get your bet amount multiplied by the designated multiplier amount. These multipliers vary between 1,5x to 20x depending on the Game Risk level.

The game rules are as simple as they come. There are only a couple of tabs you have to set before betting the desired amount:

  • First, you have to choose how much you would like to bet. The minimum amount is 0.20 USD/EUR, and the maximum amount is set at 1,000 USD/EUR.
  • Secondly, you have to choose a Game Risk level, which is Low, Medium, and High.
  • Thirdly, you have to choose a number of rings you wish to shoot towards the poles, and this number can be from 1 to 5.
  • Finally, all settings are set – you can confidently place your bet and wait for your luck.

Needless to mention, depending on the Game Risk levels, the multipliers can change. For example, on a Low Game Risk level, your multipliers will be between 1.5x-4x, while on a High Game Risk Level, your multipliers go as high as 7x-20x, increasing your chances to win 20x times more of your original bet. How awesome is that?


How to Trigger Bonus Rounds in MyStake’s Aquarings?

The maximum number of rings each pole can contain is 5. However, if you manage to fit 5 rings on any pole, you will automatically get 1 extra golden ring on a bonus progress bar, which is placed right at the end of your game screen. All 10 bonus rings have a designated multiplier, and the bet amount of each of these will be the arithmetic mean of the total bet before entering the abovementioned bonus round.


Where to play Aquarings?

If you wish to try Upgaming’s brand-new mini-game that will take you back to your carefree childhood, then you should definitely register on MyStake casino, which offers this fantastic new title.

MyStake is home to one of the best, unique, captivating mini-games selection you will ever see. MyStake’s mini-games assortment contains some of the most popular mini-games currently on the online gambling market, including MyStake Chicken, MyStake Dino, MyStake IceField, Plinko, Dice, Teleport, Blackjack, etc.

Make sure to check out MyStake casino, create an account and start playing Aquarings, a brand-new game by Upgaming, which promises endless fun, luck, and unlimited entertainment.