MyStake Chicken


Mystake Chicken is a game of luck and chance where you have 25 hidden images represented by bones and chicken.

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Mystake Chicken is a game of luck and chance where you have 25 hidden images represented by bones and chicken.

MyStake Chicken

Chicken is a game that is exclusive to MyStake casino. You can find this game in the ยซ Mini games ยป section. Chicken is a game of luck and chance where you have 25 hidden images represented by bones and chicken. It is a game that follows the principle of the classic Mines game found in many online casinos including MyStake.


Minimum bet 0.2 โ‚ฌ Max bet
Max bet 1000 โ‚ฌ
Max win 10000x
Volatility low
RTP 97 %


When you join the Chicken game you are facing a grid with 25 dishes hidden under dish covers. Under each dish cover is either a drawing of a chicken which allows you to continue the game, or a bone. After a winning draw (chicken) you can decide to stop the game and pocket your winnings. If you raise a dish cover that hides a bone then the game will stop and your bet is lost.

Below is an explanation of the Chicken betting area:

Here you select how much you want to bet.

  1. Set the number of bonus you want on the grid. You are setting the difficulty level by yourself.
  2. The more bonus you put, the more rewarding (and risky) the game can be.
  3. The Bet button is to start the game round.
  4. This is the potential payout for the next chicken you uncover

This is the total payout of all your uncovered dish covers.

During your game the Bet button turns into a Cashout button. You need to click on this button to exit the current bet. This button also shows the total amount you will be withdrawing from your current bet.


Multipliers to open a dish to reveal its contents, simply click on it. If it contains a chicken and not a bone, you are rewarded. The gain granted is obtained by applying a multiplier to your bet. The more chicken you find, the bigger your payout will be. And if, luckily, you succeed in unearthing all the hidden chickens without hitting a bone, then you will win the jackpot which will entitle you to a huge multiplier.

Note, however, that the winnings depend on the number of bones with which the player starts the game. Indeed, before starting to play, it is possible to choose between 1 and 24 bones which will be randomly hidden by the system below the dishes. The more you play with a large number of concealed bones, the higher the multiplier that will be applied to your bet as soon as you land on a chicken.



The goal of any online casino player is to win as many winnings as possible. However, hitting the jackpot isn’t always easy. Aware of this fact, minigame developers allow you to make the decision to stop playing and collect your winnings whenever you want. In the Chicken Mystake money game, this is also the case. You can choose to collect your winnings and end the game, even after finding even a chicken. However, remember: the more chickens you find, the better for your bankroll. But also be careful not to want to be too greedy!


The entertainment offered by Chicken game money is not limited to one type of device, namely PCs. The developer, MyStake, has made their gem accessible on mobile devices as well. In case you are wondering what type of smartphone or tablet it is possible to play on, know that all of them are compatible with Chicken game casino. So an iPhone, iPad, Samsung or any other device will allow you to play this money chicken game and have a decent gaming experience.


Chicken being a MyStake creation, you can imagine that this online casino is the only place where it is possible to enjoy it. To be able to play, you must therefore have an account on the platform. After registering, you will be eligible for the welcome bonus which entitles you to 1,000 euros. Besides this offer, there are a wide variety of other enticing bonuses and promotions that you can take advantage of to make the fun last as long as you want.