MyStake offers a rare option to its user to bet on Horse and Greyhound racing! The casino features tournaments and runs from Ireland and England to Mexico. Come and join the excitement today!

MyStake – Horse Racing

Horse racing is somewhat classical betting. MyStake gives you a chance to take a punt on your horse, armed with as much information as possible.

There’s an exciting world out there. A world of bets, each way and outrights and so many more, just a couple of clicks or taps away at a moment’s notice. MyStake is here for you.

Casino shows you the difference between an outsider and a favorite, helps you get to grips with the biggest races on the calendar, and clarifies any hurdle on your way to getting the most from your Horse Racing betting.

MyStake Casino Horce Racing

MyStake – Greyhounds Racing

Betting on greyhounds in Britain became popular starting from the 1850s. They built their first racing track in Hendon, England, in 1876.

Regardless of the motivation, there are many opportunities to place your bet on a greyhound. Different types of bettors are interested in Greyhound races. You will meet the professionals who want to win big, as well as the starters testing their luck. Mystake gives you a unique opportunity to bet on greyhounds racing from different markets.


To increase your chances, MyStake provides all information for a successful bet. So makes sure before placing a bet to get acquainted with the hound(s) you’re betting on. Obtain complete information on your hound, including age, breeding, and recent racing performance.



  FAQ Section FAQ Section

What horse racing markets does MyStake offer?

Well, if we talk about the most popular ones, then it's outrights. And what you do here is that you just pick what horse will win in any given race. At this moment, MyStake Features: UK, Ireland, Argentina, Mexico, and there are more to come!

What Greyhounds racing markets do MyStake offer?

Currently, MyStake offers up to 200 Greyhounds runs from the United Kingdom, Ireland, and Mexico each day.