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Mystake Icefield For players’ maximum enjoyment and enhanced gambling experience, online casinos are adding more and more games to their entertainment.

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Mystake Icefield For players’ maximum enjoyment and enhanced gambling experience, online casinos are adding more and more games to their entertainment.

IceField – MyStake

For players’ maximum enjoyment and enhanced gambling experience, online casinos are adding more and more games to their entertainment platforms. Online blackjack, online roulette, online poker, attractive free spin bonus deals, virtual slot machines, etc. is just a short list of what modern operators offer their clientele and you can come across these features on basically every gambling site. But, more advanced and reputable casinos decided to create a new genre of games – the Mini and Crash casino games category, that attracts even more players to their platforms. MyStake casino indeed leads the gambling industry with the diversity of its Mini & Crash games category.

In case you are an experienced online casino player, surely you have already heard about Aviator, JetLucky, and JetX games, right? However, this article is here to tell you about MyStake’s brand-new, unique, and fun mini-game – IceField. There’s no doubt that MyStake casino has set the standards bar very high, and we are here to explain how and why.

MyStake casino has a reputation of a high-quality, reputable, and trustworthy online casino. Similar to the best online casinos that are currently operating on the gambling market, MyStake casino offers several thousand some of the best online casino games, but not only! MyStake casino is home to an exclusive Mini and Crash games category, that you won’t find anywhere else. The brand-new, amazing mini-game IceField is one of them.

In this article about IceField, we will thoroughly explain how the gameplay of this game works, what are the rules, and what to do to maximally enjoy playing IceField.


In the brand-new game of MyStake casino’s IceField, the extremely cute and furry Yeti is on its adventure in the Himalayas. He is trying to safely cross the dangerous ice field, which consists thick and thin ice cubes, but the twist is – nobody knows where thin ice cubes are hidden. In order to safely reach his home, the cute Yeti has to get across the dangerous ice field, by stepping only on thick ice without falling into thin ice cubes.

With amazing graphics and color combinations, MyStake’s IceField already looks promising and will surely become a hit mini-game of MyStake casino.


IceField’s game rules and gameplay are very simple and easy to follow. There are various quantity of columns and rows of ice cubes, which you can manually regulate and chance according to your preferences. After you have set your desired size of the territory the gameplay starts. You have to be careful, watch your steps and choose the right spot in each column to be able to move to the next. Remember, there are thin and thick ice cubes and you can only move to the next one if you step onto thick ice cubes. You don’t know where thick and thin ice cubes are places; thinner piles will break as soon as you click on them and the Yeti falls into, resulting in you losing your bet, but if you chose the right cube – the thick one – you will be able to continue your journey and increase your chances of winning.

The amount of your originally placed bet increases as you move through the columns, but there is absolutely no necessity to get to the very end, if you don’t want to – you can make a cashout after each successful step. A minimum amount of bet you can make is as low as 0.10USD, while the maximum amount is set at 1,000USD. Place your bet, play for fun, watch your steps, and make sure to get your Yeti across the ice field as safely as possible.


If you want to play IceField by MyStake casino, you don’t have to download any additional app. All you have to do is go directly to MyStake casino’s website from your mobile, tablet, or PC and immediately start playing; as long as your smartphone or tablet has a compatible mobile browser, you will be able to access the website smoothly and without any hassle. Once you are on MyStake’s website, choose the “mini-games” section, click on IceField, and start playing to win big!