MyStake Casino’s brand-new Slot - “Nomad”


MyStake Casino’s brand-new Slot - “Nomad”

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MyStake Casino’s brand-new Slot - “Nomad”

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As the online gambling industry grows more popular day by day, online casinos try to keep up the pace and offer players as many innovative products as possible. That’s why Mini-Games and Slots have recently gained momentum and worldwide popularity and continue to improve as we speak.
Well-respected and loved online casinos, such as MyStake casino, offer their customers unique, one-of-a-kind Mini-Games and Slot selections that can only be found on this casino’s website. MyStake casino is home to a grand selection of Mini-Games and Slots that are developed by the wonderful Upgaming and guarantee unlimited fun, luck, and entertainment to all who play them. One quick look at MyStake’s slot selection would be enough to be convinced that you are not going to find such colorful, innovative titles elsewhere.
Today, in this informative review, we are going to discuss MyStake casino’s brand-new slot, titled “Nomad.” Similar to other Mini-Games and slots MyStake casino offers, Nomad was created and developed by Upgaming, and we are here to tell you all about it. Mind you, Nomad is yet to be launched; therefore, we intend to provide you with all the necessary details, so you are fully prepared for you when the slot is finally launched.

What is “Nomad”? – MyStake casino’s brand-new Mini-Game

As briefly mentioned in the general overview, MyStake casino’s Nomad is a brand-new slot title developed by the amazing game developer company – Upgaming. While Upgaming’s previous slots included themes of Aztecs (James Frost) and cowboys (Lazy Sheriff), Upgaming’s next stop is Viking-themed; hence, the slot of Nomad. The name of this brand-new slot is inspired by the Viking lifestyle and takes you to 11th-century Scandinavia, where seafaring warriors called Norsemen were raiding and conquering their way throughout Europe.
As you can easily guess, the main character of MyStake casino’s Nomad is a cute yet grumpy little Nomad, equipped with a sharp sword and all ready for the upcoming battle. Nomad’s gaming interface is decorated with the most famous symbols from the Viking culture, including Valhalla Gate (how cool is that?!), Kayak, Viking Hammer, Axe, Horn, etc.
Now that we already know how the MyStake casino’s Nomad game looks, let’s briefly discuss how the game works (from the information that’s already available) so you are fully prepared when it’s out and ready to be enjoyed!

How to play Nomad

Since this brand-new mini-game hasn’t launched yet, it’s true that there is limited information about Nomad’s game rules and other technicalities, but let’s shortly sum up everything we know so far about how to play MyStake casino’s Nomad. Similar to Upgaming’s other slot titles, Nomad is also available on 5x dimensions and has almost identical playlines.

The main symbols in Nomad are as follows: Odin, Gate, Hammer, Kayak, Horn, Golden Bonus, etc. Since the slot is yet to be released, these are all the details that are available at the moment. Now, for detailed information about the symbol multipliers, let’s take a brief look at the table below:

Symbol 1x on a line 2x on a line 3x on a line 4x on a line 5x on a line
10 N / A N / A X1
J N / A N / A X1
Q N / A N / A X1
K N / A N / A X1
A N / A N / A X1
Horn N / A
Kayak N / A
Hammer N / A
Gate N / A
Golden Bonus N / A


Also, keep in mind that this incomplete table and information is based on what we know so far about MyStake casino’s Nomad slot and its coefficients. As soon as more information is available, we will most certainly update you regarding the game rules and the game details.

Scatters and Bonus Buy in Nomad

Great news! MyStake casino’s Nomad comes packed with bonuses! The Golden Triangle in a raven shape represents the bonus symbol in this slot. It also has whimsical writing of the world Bonus in Viking Calligraphy with golden letters. Three or more of these bonus symbols trigger 10 free bonus spins, which then gives you an additional, highly increased chance of winning. Naturally, the Odin symbol is the highest-paying symbol in the slot, so you surely want to get it. The full screen of Odin symbols pays 250,000 EUR in a single round. How amazing is that?!
The brand-new slot of MyStake casino’s Nomad is offered with a high RTP of 96% and low volatility.