MyStake gives you a wonderful opportunity to bet on your favorite Virtual Sports and have a chance at winning big while enjoying your favorite Virtual Sports.

Virtual Sports are a type of sports betting where you can place your bets on betting events, in which gameplay and final results are generated through a special algorithm, and, at the same time, everything is virtual. Virtual Sports have been gaining worldwide popularity and momentum for the past years, and they have become one of the most demanded and loved betting sections of every sportsbook operator.

For those who wonder what the main difference between real sports and virtual sports is, well, except the obvious factor of Virtual Sports being virtual – virtual ones last for only a couple of minutes, whereas real sports, for example, football games, last for 90 minutes.
MyStake casino gives you an amazing chance to immerse yourself in a fantastic world of Virtual Sports, where you can bet on any Virtual Sports events like Football Bundesliga, Football World Cup, Basketball League, Horse Racing, Dog Racing, Live Tennis, Live Baseball, and several others. At MyStake’s Virtual Sports section, you are guaranteed to have real chances at winning massive amounts of prizes, as the odds are as high as for real sports.
In order to increase your chances of winning, MyStake casino regularly offers you generous, engaging, and fat Virtual Sports bonuses. You can take full advantage of these bonuses and bet on your favorite Virtual Sports. Test your luck at MyStake’s Virtual Sports section and win big!

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What horse racing markets does MyStake offer?

Well, if we talk about the most popular ones, then it's outrights. And what you do here is that you just pick what horse will win in any given race. At this moment, MyStake Features: UK, Ireland, Argentina, Mexico, and there are more to come!

What Greyhounds racing markets do MyStake offer?

Currently, MyStake offers up to 200 Greyhounds runs from the United Kingdom, Ireland, and Mexico each day.