For the player gambling experience to be as enjoyable and complete as possible, online casinos are putting more and more games on their entertainment platforms. Free spin promotions for slot machines or progressive jackpot slots, online blackjack, online roulette, or live casino games are available on almost every gambling site you can come across nowadays. But some reputable casinos decided to create a new type of game – the Mini & Crash casino games. MyStake casino does indeed leads the gambling industry with its niche Mini & Crash games category.

Are you tired of old casino games, and would you like to play something special? If so, then you should definitely check out MyStake casino’s exclusive mini-games. Join the MyStake Bonus Club, enhance your gaming experience, receive generous welcome bonuses, enjoy no deposit bonuses, and play fantastic mini-games at MyStake Casino. 

MyStake Chicken

MyStake’s mini-game Chicken is a simple and fun game developed by the wonderful Upgaming. Do you think you have good instincts? Then success has never been more real than now! There are 25 hidden pictures on your screen consisting of chickens and bones. Your goal is to open as many chicken images as possible in order to win big. Remember – chickens are a win, but it only takes one bone to lose the money at stake. Therefore, watch your steps, choose carefully, and don’t play recklessly.

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MyStake โ€“ Dino Crash game

Dino Mystake : Avis & Test du jeu dino argentLet’s travel back in time and visit an ancient Jurassic era, where the existence of dinosaurs is threatened and could end anytime! Do you have what it takes to save an extremely cute little t-rex named Dino? If you are convinced of your instincts and abilities, then you should definitely check out this mini-game, for sure!

Dino is the last surviving t-rex of the Jurassic era, trying to escape from the asteroid rain. You will be able to observe the prehistoric environment and help Dino get away from definitely-coming danger.

Dino is a fairly easy and fun game. All you have to do is place your bet and collect the winnings before the asteroid falls on the cute Dino.

You have to place the bet while Dino is hatching. Bets are set manually. The minimum bet amount is 0.10 USD / EUR. The maximum bet limit is set at 1000 USD / EUR.
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MyStake โ€“ ICEFIELD

In the brand-new game of MyStake casino, the cute, furry Yeti is on its adventure in the Himalayas! Join the Yeti on his adventure and help him safely cross the dangerous ice field. He has to get across the dangerous ice field to safely reach his home.

The game rules are fairly simple: there are various columns and rows of ice cubes, which you can regulate and change according to your plans and preferences. You have to choose the right spot in each column to move to the next. You donโ€™t know at which spot ice is thin or thick; thinner piles will break when you take a step at them, and you will lose your bet, but if you choose the right cube of ice, you will win big! The amount of wins increases as you move through the columns, but there is no necessity to get to the end if you donโ€™t want to. You can make a cashout after each successful step. A minimum bet amount can be as low as 0.10 USD, while the maximum amount is set at 1000 USD. Join the cute Yeti in his icy adventure, enjoy your gameplay and win big!

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